Week 24: Resilience and my reading

A little taster from the Do/Interesting book mentioned belowA little taster from the Do/Interesting book mentioned below

I had several chats this week which made me think about how well we’re all doing. I don’t think anyone’s really recknoned with the pandemic and its impact. Lots of thoughts about organisational resilience, burnout but not many answers really. All I can say is the Christmas break seems like it’s coming at a good time.

We’re trying to wrap up our user research insights before Christmas so we can hit the ground running in the new year. Lots of rich analysis which we don’t want to lose - but the research has turned into a bit of a monster so we’ll just have to adapt.

You’ll notice this is on a new website. I’ve wanted to move my writing from Medium for a while, but hadn’t quite figured out how. Then I came across Blot.im via Neil Williams’ weeknotes. You write in a text editor and essentially upload files into a Dropbox folder and it publishes them to your site. Good fun so far, and quite simple to use.

Things I’ve read