Week 29: DNR decisions, conscious competence and prototyping

We released a report last week which showed medics are still really bad at communicating DNR (do not resuscitate) decisions. It’s pretty depressing →

Week 28: content crit, complexity and clarification

We finally got round to putting our first content iteration of our webpage on best interests in front of staff this week. I always find these a bit →

Week 27: writing and content testing

I read a few things in the past few weeks which reminded me how important good writing, and writers are. In difficult moments, I think society needs →

Week 26: findings, oh shit banners, reading age and the power of TV

Bit of a slow start to 2024. But, we’ve finally got a list of findings from our research into best interests decision-making. We found these blogs →

Week 25: thinking about this past year

Looking back at my reflections at end of 2022 I’m struck by how much there was to ponder. Some really big things. I thought about funeral literacy →

Week 24: Resilience and my reading

I had several chats this week which made me think about how well we’re all doing. I don’t think anyone’s really recknoned with the pandemic and its →

Week 23: NHS, renewing a passport and UKCharityCamp

This week we conducted a few more user research interviews with people who’ve experienced issues getting the care and treatment their relatives →

Week 22: Closure, catharsis and crimping

A team meeting threw up a fascinating insight last week. As a charity helping people through difficult situations at the end of life, we don’t →

Week 21: User research, team alignment and movies

I still haven’t quite got settled into a rhythm of weeknotes, but it does help seeing others get stuck in. I’m enjoying reading these from Neil →