Week 32: alignment and expectations

First swim at the lido this year - idyllic London life?First swim at the lido this year - idyllic London life?

Had a slightly strange working week where we were grappling with some big questions about work priorities. It became clear people didn’t quite have the same idea about some upcoming work. It resulted in some difficult moments and it was I think for me one of the first times I’ve ever really been in that position where different priorities and miscommunication had resulted in some awkward moments.

I think we may have got to a better place, with some frank conversations and quite skillful management from others. One part of this I think is about me communicating my work better - I’ve reflected about how well people know the work I’m doing, and how I can better share it.

I’d thought me using this blog as an outlet was part of that but I think over time as I’ve switched from our original work Medium publication to this personal blog that’s changed. It’s turned into a much more personal reflective space rather than a constructive working out loud mechanism. Something to think about.

Prioritising the plumbing

Linked to the above, had some productive conversations about our internal knowledge base. We’ve scheduled a workshop for a couple weeks to flesh out some of the key aims of this piece of work. It feels like it’s a piece of work that has the potential to really change the way we work for the better. Building and professionalising our service for the short, medium and long-term. It feels really important.

On the other hand, I am quite conscious of if it turning into one of those frankenstein projects - where the thing’ turns into a thing to fix everything for everybody. That feels too ambitious and almost setting us up for failure and unmet expectations. Hence the workshop.

It’s a priority to kick this off in the right way so I’ll be trawling through my million bookmarks of good workshop practice (tips welcome).

Other things…

I ate and I watched, here’s how they went: